Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

They were born in shadow. They live in shadow. And they fight in shadow. New York City's crime rates are still on the rise and the city's civilians are trembling in fear! Baxter is formulating an evil plan and this time he has both mutants and robots at his disposal. Join the local brethren of vigilantes who need to rally together to put a stop to this evil once and for all! It's team TMNT, Splinter and April O'Neil in the fight against the worst evil to face the beloved NYC in this adrenaline-pumping story!

Bonds of Family are stronger than steel Play as all 4 Turtles and switch between them on the fly

Ninja training Earn XP and level up your Turtles to master a new set of Ninjutsu skills

Shell up Find and unlock more powerful weaponaryto take on the evils of the world

Shredders Minions Battle through hordes of enemies from the movie and Turtles Universe

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